Try, Try Again

Have you ever had one of those weeks where it seems as though your kitchen is somehow telling you to give up and try again next week? Well, that’s the kind of week I’ve just had!  Perhaps my mind was still caught up in the fun of the previous weekend at my nephews wedding (congrats again to the new bride and groom!), or maybe I was stuck in daydreaming mode about trips to the beach and other fun summertime adventures.

Whatever it was, the wedding or the daydreaming, no matter what I touched this week in the kitchen, it didn’t seem to come out quite right.  My attempts weren’t outright disasters, but they certainly weren’t exactly where I wanted them to be either. As such, my blog entry this week took a different turn – the one where I still talk about what I’ve done in an effort to keep it real!

The week started out with good intentions as I eyed the nice-looking produce we had purchased, especially the peaches, nectarines, and blueberries. As I contemplated what to do with them, my thoughts turned toward ideas for the blog this week. The first idea that came to mind was grilling the nectarines and combining them with some blueberries to use as a filling for lemon crepes. I could almost taste the summery dessert idea in my mind before trying it out!

My idea was to create a shortcut crepe using pancake mix. I’ve seen other crepe recipes using pancake flour before, so I sat down to write out a recipe idea. When it came time to test cook the crepes, I ran into nothing but problems with them sticking to the pan, no matter what I tried. Clearly my mixture and recipe idea were not going to work well.  They tasted perfectly fine, but you can’t very well make a filled crepe with something that comes out looking like a narrow and flat rectangle! After a few attempts, I decided to table the idea for another time.

I took a break for the rest of the day while I mulled things over in an effort to get back in the kitchen the next day.  As I thought about new possible ideas, my mind again turned toward grilled fruit – this time, peaches. The idea for a grilled Peach pudding was then born. Part of my idea included blending the grilled Peaches into the milk so they would be smooth and all of the peach flavor would be infused into the pudding.

The idea worked pretty well and it was very flavorful, but when my wife and I were taste testing it, we both felt that something wasn’t quite right. We agreed that the problem was that the pudding hadn’t thickened properly. It wasn’t super thin, but it wasn’t quite as solid as a pudding should be either. Despite the very good flavor, I didn’t feel good enough about sharing the recipe yet.

Until we meet again grilled peach pudding….

I have been contemplating where I may have gone wrong, and my one thought is that despite blending the milk and the peaches together very well in the blender, there were still very fine bits of fruit fiber present. This led to not only a bit of gritty texture, but I also believe it was the main cause in preventing the pudding from setting fully as it should have.  Once again, I decided to table my idea and try it again in the future, with the added step of straining the liquid mixture through cheesecloth in order to filter out the remaining fruit fiber.

With 2 failed attempts under my belt, and the week drawing to a rapid close, I was left with nothing more than a story to share with you! That’s OK though. As I’ve always said, I feel it is important to share not only my successes on this journey, but also my failures – or in this case, my moments of mediocrity! Until next time, have a great weekend!

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