Wednesday Q&A – 4/27/22

Welcome to the place where your two bloggers ask each other one question each week. We hope you enjoy them as your learn a bit more about us – sometimes we even learn more about each other!

Ray’s question to Karen:

Q: What cooking utensil or utensils would you feel lost without if they vanished from your kitchen right now?

A: A good quality set of knives is essential. It’s not the only thing I would miss, but I think it would be the thing I would miss the most. A good knife makes prepping food easier and quicker, and I would say safer as well. The knife I use the most? My 6 inch chef’s knife.

Karen’s Question to Ray:

Q: When you bake, do you scale ingredients or use measuring cups?

A: Both – I’m not particularly partial to one method over the other. If a recipe only gives measurement in cups, that’s what I’ll use. If there is a weight equivalent offered, particularly when I’m making bread, I will definitely pull out the scale.

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