Wednesday Q&A – 3/9/22

Welcome to the place where your two bloggers ask each other one question each week. We hope you enjoy them as your learn a bit more about us – sometimes we even learn more about each other!

Ray’s question to Karen:

Q: Where is the oddest place that you have ever had a meal?

A: The first thing that comes to mind is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. The whole experience is somewhat odd as you traverse a series of bridges and tunnels. I’m not going to lie, the sensation of emerging from a tunnel in the middle of a body of water freaks me out a bit.

Karen’s Question to Ray:

Q: Since you asked the question, I’ve gotta ask. What’s your odd story?

A: You know, it’s funny – every now and then I have the feeling that you’re going to ask me the same question in return and this was one of those times! I was ready to reply too, but what I didn’t expect to find was that you had already given the answer I was going to give! I guess there’s nothing wrong with having the same response from time to time though, so I’m going to stick with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel as well.

I will say that we differ on one thing though – I didn’t find it to be freaky in the least. I love being around the water and stopping at the restaurant and fishing pier in the middle of that 17+ mile long bridge and staring out at the water was a very peaceful and enjoyable experience for me.

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