Have You Been Thinking About Getting Naked?

Well, Tom did, and he doesn’t regret it. No, The Food In-Laws didn’t suddenly turn blue. I am speaking of Naked Wines and thought that I would share our experience with you. What is Naked Wines? It is a “wine club” of sorts. Customers may buy wine directly from Naked Wine and use a one time voucher which is easy enough to find, but consumers may also choose to become an Angel. By becoming an Angel you agree to deposit $40 into a piggy bank monthly. This money allows the company to help fund independent winemakers. The money remains in your piggy bank until you choose to spend it. If you change your mind and decide to cancel, the money remaining in the piggy bank is refunded to you. Other benefits to becoming and Angel are discounted prices and once a month a gift bottle may be redeemed by purchasing a case of wine. Shipping prices are $9.99 for purchases under $100 and free for purchases over $100 except for Alaska and Hawaii which are considerably more expensive. Shipping usually takes 1-4 days except for Ohio which is 8-10 days. So far the orders we have had shipped to South Carolina have taken 3 to 4 business days. Naked Wines currently does not ship to Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Utah, but it appears that it is possible that some of that may change. More information on the subject may be found on the site Freethegrapes.org.

So, how is the wine? In the interest of full disclosure I will have to admit that we have yet to try any of the white wine offerings or any offering other than red. Although we do appreciate the occasional white or sparkling wine, our true love is red wine, so that is what we order. We have chosen many different varietals and red blends from countries such as South Africa, Australia, Portugal, Italy, the US and more.The verdict for us has been a resounding yes. Every bottle we’ve consumed has been very nice. Are we that easy to please? Actually, I don’t think we are, but so far so good for the bottles we’ve ordered from Naked Wines.

That brings me to customer service. The shipping has been fast, and well packed with no breakages. The orders have all been correct, and we’ve enjoyed the wine so nothing to complain about. That lack of complaining seemed to not sit well with Naked Wines, so they reached out. Tom received an email noting that we had not yet had any complaints and assuring him that they want us to love every bottle and to feel free to reach out and tell them about any bottle that we didn’t “love” and they would be happy to refund the price of the bottle. So, we were puzzled that they seemed to be complaining about our not complaining and thought, “If there is a bottle we don’t like in the next shipment, we’ll let them know”. Well, we liked them all and again had no complaints. Our lack of complaining seems to have prompted them to just go ahead and proactively credit us for a bottle of wine anyway.

Karen Birmingham Zinfandel RESERVE. Wine swirl by Mike Fingerhut of Jersey Woodcrafters

So, if you’ve been thinking about getting Naked, I would say go ahead. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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